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Product Discovery

From the vague idea to a concrete road-map, we do discovery & design of the software products. By leveraging our design & technology skills & experience, we are able to cut-down the normal discovery time by anywhere between 25-60%, while still keeping your resources free to add value somewhere else.

Team Bootstrapping

While you are building various blocks of your business, including infrastructure, legal & administrative aspects, we can in parallel get started on product building, with our in-house team as well as with the extensive freelancing network that we have built. What's more, if necessary we help you build your team as well.

Immersive Consulting

At ForwardSprint, we have two overarching topics on which we focus. Organizational Design and Project Management are those two areas. Our experts help guide your organization through assessing the current landscape & then work with you to not only define your future but also implement & execute the strategy that we define.

Training & Coaching

Our senior team comes primarily from two areas of expertise, team building & project management. We conduct onsite & online training sessions and workshops to impart hands-on skills to your team members. We also undertake coaching initiatives to ensure alignment of expectations & responsibilities between management & teams.

Product Discovery, Design & Prototyping

Turning your vision into a product which fulfils your aspirations is no mean task. You need to devout people, resources, time & efforts behind it. Whether you are a company that’s just starting out or an established organization, doing it with all other tasks involves a tread-off. We solve that problem for you. While you are out there recruiting the team, raising the money & establishing the company from legal and administrative perspective, we bring the power of philosophies & methodologies including Design Thinking, Google Design Sprint, Lean UX & Agile to give shape to your product dreams. From the napkin sketches to Hi-fidelity working prototypes, we cover the entire range. Not only that, we help build the initial working Proof-of-Concept (PoC) which can be extremely helpful in attracting investments, raising capital or other resources & further decision making.

Consulting & Training

The three primary areas where we can make difference are organization design, team building & leadership & project management. We provide your teams with tools that will strengthen their thought processes while also help them increase efficiency. We get ourselves immersed in your world, understand the pain points which may not be visible right away, and then come up with a road-map for sustainable execution. Our goal is to create the long term value for you, not just short-term illusion.

Product Discovery, Design & Project Management

We designed and are managing a project for a startup in Ed-Tech sector. Starting from paper sketched till the final design, we did entire discovery even while the company was still getting formed. Freeing up the founders from micro-management for discovery efforts, we ensured perfect alignment between their ideas and the exact shape the product can take. We also balanced the short-term needs while keeping the long-term possibilities in mind.

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Training Plan & Content Creation

We developed the training plan for an established, mid-size software services company for the new team members joining the company. The content was defined for various buckets of skills and experience, ranging from the fundamentals of software development, respective development platforms, and project management to the advance concepts of DevOPs and Hybrid project management models. The training plan included both technical & soft skills and we also developed part of the content on the topics where our expertise lie.

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