Why are some people more successful than others? Is it that they have better learning capabilities to acquire more knowledge & skills? Are they pre-disposed towards success? Though this seems like a plausible explanation, this is not correct. Almost all of us have excellent learning capabilities. We learnt to walk. We learned to talk. Most of us are sufficiently capable of using languages to express ourselves. These basic skills are much more complex than they seem to be and hence, our learning capabilities is not an issue. Yes, there are relatively better learners, but if we apply right mindset & skills to learning, essentially everyone can achieve the success they want.

Is it upbringing then? The kind of atmosphere that they got while they were younger, the kind of schools they went to, the kind of teachers they had, the kind of knowledge source they had access to, are those the reasons to success? They can be prime contributors, but there are enought examples to prove that despite adversities, tough upbringing and lack of resources, people have achieved success.

The reasosn for success are far more fundamental. They relate to the attitude & application of the person. Here are the five traits that make a big difference in your quest to success;


There are many ways that you can become successful, but you have to realize that every one of them take immesne commitment in your part. You will notice that a lot of your goals will take some energy and work. You can’t give up on something, even despit brief setbacks. No success story is ever written with committed efforts from persons behind it.

Acceptance of Change

You will at times need to look into your past, identify the lessons learnt and try to build based on that. The past will help you better approaches for future. It will help you build better plans. But overindulgence in past may hamper. The future will always be uncertain. It will take turns. It will bring about changes that you least expected. You will need to be open about those changes. You will need to learn to let go of the plans or tweak them and create new plans. In fact, it would even be better if you strategize based on the certainty of changes. Execution of your plan in quick & short chunks will help you leverage the chages to your favor, by identifying the areas which work & which don’t. This way, instead of being scared of the change, you will ebrace them & put them to good use.

Maintaing Health

The mental & physical health is paramount not only to bring about success but also to be able to enjoy it. Giving attention to health is paramount for long term success. It directly affects your ability to grasp a topic or solve a problem. It helps creativity. It boosts energy to go after your goals. Go excercise, play a sport, cultivate a hobby, spend time with family, spend time with nature. Let you brain & body take the rest needed to get them to work to their full capacity.


Not only will you have to learn how to take care of yourself, but you will need to demostrate empathatic behavior. The success will always be the result of contribution of others too, directly or indirectly. You need to recognize this contribution all the time. At the same time, you will need to understand their motivations, aspirations & challanges.

Quest for betterment

Success is the result of relentless pursuit of betterment. Unless you keep yourself updating and being relevant throughout changes, the success will remain illusive.