If someone asks us which single factor will empower the businesses to make biggest impact in future, our answer will be “Communication”. How business invest their efforts and money to communication in efficient ways to grow their business, respond to their consumers and users efficiently and quickly is going be the key differentiator between success and failure. For us, three things primarily emerge out based on the developments we are observing across the world.


Communication is all about making connections. Business which make their communication more human centric, more responsive, more empathetic will be able to better connect with their potential and existing customers.  The communication strategy and tools will need to understand and convey that customers are very very important parts of the business sustainability and profitability, by being able to reach out to customers, anticipate their needs and respond in appropriate manner. Tomorrow’s communication needs to be quick, informal and informative. Long waits before customers can hear a human voice is not going to sustain the businesses for long.


Consumers are also looking for meaningful conversations. It should be intelligent, at the same time should allow for unstructured interactions. It’s important to quickly and intelligently identify the context from user’s view point and then respond accordingly. The means businesses around the world should start investing in creating infrastructure and capabilities to achieve this. This points to increasing adoption of Artificial intelligence (AI). At ForwardSprint, we have already identified this need and have invested in building skills and knowledge around building applications which can bring the fruits of these technologies to our consumers.


The near future of communication is text based. Text based messaging is very quickly making its inroads from personal communication to business communication. Chatbots are emerging a very strong tool from this perspective. They allow for quick, in-context link allowing businesses to leverage the user context. This helps personalize and contextualize the services for each customer with the help of Artifical Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Machine Learning – the fields which are becoming more mature & mainstream.

All of this point to emergence of communication backbone which is cost effective, easy to develop, operate & maintain, but are still able to add tremendous value for small businesses which larger businesses have been providing by spending a lot of bucks. Though larger organizations will also be able to take advantages of these technologies, the smaller businesses can do it much more nimbly.

With a lot of research being put into making cognitive capabilities of conversational interfaces are becoming more efficient and effective. This indicates that business will have a new tools to their disposal to reach out to customers, by offering efficient conversational experience for their interactions. It’s important to identify these opportunities and build the customer outreach strategies taking them into consideration.