3 Effective Time Managment Strategies for New Leaders

If you spend time on meaningful activities, it will make you happy & productive, your teams effective and add value to your business. Isn't it what we all want? 

Our experience with Node.js to work with huge files and data for an analytics app MVP

We have been helping entrepreneurs & business mitigate the risks out of new product development efforts. We do it in many ways, one of which is to help them develop design, develop and prototype quickly to come up with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that can be used to gather feedback from actual users and to test the viability and acceptability of the product. Our involvement varies from consulting to actually doing part or the complete discovery, design & prototyping. 

We recently completed a MVP for an established organization in India which is looking to develop an analytics solution aimed at a very specific use case. The project involved development of front-end and backend to upload large files, parse and transform it and then present analytics on the front-end. We though of sharing the process, technological approach and our experience with community in the hopes that it can benefit someone looking to do something similar. Read on for the details.