FreshSales Integration: For Automation & Engagement

Consulting is an exciting game. It offers a variety of experiences and helps you grow in multiple dimensions. While we strive to maintain our focus on consulting and training only, every once a while, we dabble into hands-on application development given our roots. Of course, we ensure that we keep these engagements limited to PoCs or prototypes. We are not a full-scale development agency, after all. 

One of our recent clients where we were engaged in the Agile roll-out project, started using FreshSales for managing their sales pipeline. FreshSales is a beautiful product first rolled out in 2011. It has gone from there to include a range of products in their portfolio. It offers a variety of features to engage with your leads, which their AI engine ranks based on their behavior. Overall, the sales team was happily using it as a stand-alone product. 

However, agility is not a siloed phenomenon. Our consultants identified the opportunities to integrate the product offered by the client and FreshSales. Our suggestion was for two objectives; 

  1. Increase the appropriate engagement with potential & existing customers based on their actions in the web & mobile applications.
  2. Automate several tasks which the sales team was performing manually. 

The problem was the availability of the development team. As is the case with any growing company, there was enormous demand for the development team’s time. They were already looking to expand the team. They already had a sufficiently long product backlog to handle. There was no way they were going to find time to deal with this right away. 

Such situations are where our immersive consulting approach makes a difference. We don’t stop at just suggestions. We work with you to make those realities.

We studied the APIs provided by the FreshSales, determined the touchpoints, and in merely three days, we had the backend pipeline established between the client product and FreshSales, using our old ally, node.js. Of course, this is not the final product.

What we did was to prepare the path on which the development team can walk. What we did has not removed the need for the development team to put in the work but we have saved them three days of work. More importantly, we have demonstrated that for us, consulting means the outcomes which bring value for you. That’s the commitment of our immersive consulting approach. 

Features Image by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash