Slack Bot that automates the customer engagement


While we have always considered Node.js to be one of our core technical areas, the recent past has made us realize just how much. We already had done a Proof-of-concept for Freshsales integration. We completed three projects on Node.js, and all of them were different in nature. The first, which we are talking about right now, is for a polish development agency. They are building a SaaS customer support & engagement platform. They already had integrated emails, but they wanted to develop a powerful Slack bot. The objective for this bot was to help onboard their customers to their support workspace and then continuously keep them engaged via frequent, valuable communications.

The Problem

However, the team did not have any previous experience of Slack bot development. Also, the requirement came late into the project, and they did not have the bandwidth to replan and ensure that the project still finished around the time they wanted. Hence, they started looking for trustworthy partners, to develop and deliver the functionality, but also do it in a way that does not disturb their codebase. They approached 4-5 partners, along with us. 


Our Response & The Solution

A couple of our team members had worked with Slack Bot. So while we put together a small formal offer, they had started cracking some code. And when we met with the clients, along with the proposal, we demonstrated the small MVP we built. We did it in a way that would minimally affect their code. Yes, if you are thinking of micro-services, you are right. The micro-service written in Node.js supported the bot. 

The Way Forward

Not only did we get the project, but the client also asked us to develop a Telegram bot, too, in addition to the Slack bot. We finished the development for both before our original time estimate, since we started early. The overall quality of the code impressed the client, and we are already talking about another project. We hope to continue to set the standards for transparent and excellent service for our clients, even in the future.