Immersive Consulting

Out approach to the consulting is immersive. It implies that we get hands-on with you. Our role is not merely advisory, but we also share the responsibilities of the outcome.

We are confident about our ability because of our people. All our consultants have worked successfully in their chosen areas. They know the practical challenges and difficulties. They combine their experiences and knowledge to bring you unique, contextual solutions to your problems.

Both of these factors put us in a unique position to help you effectively.

Project Management Consulting

We work with you to ensure your projects are successfully delivered. But we don't stop at that. We also ensure that appropriate skills are transferred to your teams so that they can execute future projects equally well. In that sense, we are responsible for enhancing your capabilities.

Agile Transformation

Agility is not limited to adopting any particular framework. It focuses on continuously generating value for the business by solving the real problems of your clients. It's the adoption of the empirical approach. It's also about shifting the focus to outcomes from outputs. This change is where we help you.

Product Management

Launching the right product way is a critical foundation for long term success. Continuously providing mature value on that foundation builds a brand. We help you develop the capabilities for managing both these stages.

Training & Workshops

Out outcome-based, immersive approach continues with the training and workshops too. We ensure that we transfer appropriate skills to your team. Our experience of applying the concepts in real-life helps us understand your unique challenges and mold the training accordingly.

Foundational Project Management

Helpful for teams looking to adopt best practices and framework to make their project management practices better. It contains discussions on both, traditional as well as agile project management approaches, and introduces the participants to the concepts and theories.

Practical Agile

This program will help teams embrace agility in real sense. From the mindsets & frameworks to practical challenges, teams get introduced to the more advanced practical aspects of being agile.

Design Thinking, Agile, And DevOps: The Complete Trinity

An advanced program which helps participants understand how can they better their end-to-end delivery processes, from the idea to product. The team will be able to leverage the combined power of these frameworks to create and deliver successful outcomes through this program.

Soft Skills

In the changing workplace realities, soft skills are going to be even more critical. We train your teams in leadership, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, and prepare them to make an even more significant difference.

Software Development

We are a small team, and we do only a few things. But we do it well. We are continuously learning, and we transfer all that learning to our client projects. Backed by specialization, and driven by extreme services orientation, we have always come true to client expectations.


The technology that not only brought JavaScript to the server-side, but also provided unparalleled boost to the decoupled backend and frontend development.


A gem from Google, Firebase speeds up your initial time-to-market, and yet, packs almost every feature that you need to develop, maintain, and grow modern web and mobile apps.

Amazon AWS

The amazing platform, which truly provides A to Z of cloud tools and services, is an essential item for any software development team today.